In beautiful Holland we live with many people on a small piece of earth. Despite the freedom of expression, we must respect our environment, as an individual, as a family or company. On one hand a lot is arranged by law in the Netherlands, on the other hand there are several values and unwritten laws that might be even more important.

For us as a company, internal information is very important, but also the environment must be informed (for example neighbours)! Before we actually take action, we must share information: what we do and why we do it, is extremely important!  In most cases, this creates understanding and acceptance. How will you define your land? With a fence? A wall? Or with natural / green material? Everyone will have an opinion about that. Obviously a number of issues are regulated by law but consulting the neighbours and considering if it fits in the environment, are essential issues. Eventually, everything must be placed in an economic perspective.


Within the municipality of Alphen Chaam is a great initiative:  Cittaslow


A good example of the above mentioned statement,  is the cooperation of Van der Avoird Trayplant in producing “Framboise d’Avoird”, a delicious raspberry wine. Minicamping Wilgenweide and Wijngaard Dassemus are two local enterprises with whom we cooperate to bring a wonderful natural product on the market.