Van der Avoird Trayplant has become the leading propagator of everbearing strawberry varieties and plants for the early segment. For the early segment we already have lots of experience with Flair and Elsanta. In cultivation season 2014 we also made tray plants Clery and Fleurette. Our growth strategy resulted in very positive feedback about the plants. The plants for early cropping are grown in a standard 9-hole Bato-tray. In consultation with the customer the desired plant type is determined to get at the optimal crop results for you as a grower.
With pride we can call ourselves developer and specialists in the field of substrate everbearers. Our belief is that the new generation everbearing varieties is of very high quality, can be grown with a good taste and, last but not least, with lower costs. We focus on tray plants for the top segment substrate crops (table top- and greenhouse cultivation). We know better than anyone how important it is to make the most out of your crop. Healthy and uniform planting material is therefore a must to start with. In addition, there is a desired output pattern. How can we help you:

Program strawberry trayplants

Our program plant types for everbearers is as follows:
– Trayplants (250 cc / pot)
– Mini Trayplants (150 cc / pot)
– Modules/Plugplants (80 cc / pot)
– Tips

aardbei trayplanten

The three types of tray plants are, in general, delivered as a frigo-plant, out of the cold storage. Delivery as a fresh plant is also possible. In addition, we can also deliver pre-cultivated frigo-plants in trays ordered specially for you as customer.

We are specialized in the cultivating of hanging tips. For our own use, but also for growers who wants to cultivate their plants themselves. Why hanging tips? The answer is simple: uniformity and health!

We work together with three breeding programs. Of each program, we currently have two varieties as a priority:
CIV: Murano
Flevo Berry: Favori, Furore and Florentina & Flair
Vinson: Eve’s Delight

More information about strawberry trayplants

Do you need more information about strawberry tray plants? Please fill in the contact form or contact Jelle Broeders (+31 6 57917142 / [email protected]).