Propagating raspberries is one of our specialties. This is done according to the method of cutting the tips, which are grown in trays to become fresh plug plants. Everything is done to deliver healthy, vigorous and uniform plants. As pioneers, we can say that a considerable know-how has been built with a relatively large team of permanent staff. This reveals itself by a high level of success, reliability in quality and successful planning of delivery. We are particularly proud of this!

The increase is in accordance with the NAK-T Elite system. With this we offer an additional security to health, vigor and variety authenticity. Within Elite we go one step further. We aim to provide plants up to 3 multiplication stages of the Candidate Mother Plant. If you want more information, please download our leaflet here.


At Van der Avoird Trayplant, propagation and cultivation only takes place in substrate. By adding Mycorrhizas we remark a plus for healthier and more resilient plants. In addition, predatory mites are used preventively in the breeding process to prevent growth stagnation caused by pests and not having to intervene with pesticides.

At Van der Avoird Trayplant, root blocks are made as starting material for propagation, especially for  our own propagation, but also for customers who want to propagate themselves. In the early delivery period (until approximately mid-April) our autumn raspberry cuttings are grown in 40-holes tray. Later, the new 104-cell tray becomes standard. This new tray has the same root volume and space per plant. Advantage is that space in the box, in which we deliver the plants, will be exploited more lucratively. This saves considerable transportation costs!

In our varieties list you can read our current delivery program. In addition to the varieties list, we also propagate “club varieties” including Driscoll’s, Sant’Orsola, Onubafruit SL, The Greenery, Berry World, Angus Soft Fruits and Special fruit.


For more information, please contact Jelle Broeders (+31 6 57917142 / [email protected])