In 2004 we started cultivating raspberry long canes, which has now become one of our specialties. The main objective in the propagation of long canes is to create a healthy, productive and vigorous plant, which distinguishes in quality and price from others.
A plant is grown with a focus on health, a balanced vigor, diversified crop and costs. Our team is doing its utmost to ensure all these characteristics during the propagation season. To control the cost we made a clear choice for standard propagation with 3 canes in a 2.3 liter pot. Tests and practice shows us that this clearly has no negative impact on the production capacity of the long canes. However, there are clear benefits for the customer: lower price per plant / cane and lower transportation costs!

On our farm, we grow both summer and autumn raspberries. We can definitively mention it as a speciality: long canes of autumn raspberry!

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Plant descriptions:

Summer Raspberry (Floricane):

Tulameen Pearl

Tulameen is a standard floricane variety for many years. Still appreciated for its taste and prestation. Tulameen Pearl is a distinctive line from Tulameen. Selected because of a better leaf colour and higher production. Conical fruit shape with good quality of setting with fine drupelets. For fresh market and especially for home selling. Vigorous variety.

Autumn Raspberry (Primocane):


Middle early, productive primocane variety with good vigour. It produces large, light red fruits with a conical shape. Strong fruits which are easy to pick and with a very good shelf life and taste. Very promising new variety.


Late variety with spread production. Has a high score on fruit quality in many ways: good taste, light red colour, strong and good shelf life. In particular the large fruits make the variety very popular. The plants have a strong, upright growth. Less basal shoots compared to other varieties.


Later variety with well branching from the bottom up. Fruit a bit less uniform in shape, but has a good size. Nice strong fruits and color. Kweli fruits tend to colour deeper red in storage. Easy to pick because of the open plant type and strong fruits. The canes have short spines which are striking green in colour.


Early primocane (about a week later compared to Polka). Productive variety that peaks fast to high productions a week. Good scores in quality and taste. Also positive in firmness and shelf life, but tends to colour darker in storage.


Later variety with a long, spread harvest period. Stretched, open plants and therefore easy to work in. The variety has large sized fruits with good shelf life and light red colour. Tends to darker red after storage. Uniform, conical shape with a good taste.


Early primocane with a more compact growth. The canes of this variety are without thorns. Big sized fruits with a longer, conical shape. Fruits are light red and have a normal shelf life.