Organisation & Staff

The strength of our company (and fortunately many other companies) lies within the people who work there. The knowledge, skills and social power they radiate together as a team, makes Van der Avoird Trayplant grow to the objectives we have set as a company. Within Van der Avoird Trayplant, each employee has the opportunity to develop him- or herself. The growth rate is up to the individual. Partly due to the common objectives and individual development opportunities, our team is a very stable factor within the company. Therefore we barely have a circulation with our staff.

By partnering with “Talent2Work” we also try to ensure that people who have hardly been in the labor market, will  enroll at our company.

logo gem Gilze Rijen

Talent2Work is an initiative of the municipality Gilze en Rijen. The aim of this project is the largest possible flow of people on benefits to work.