Environment & Nature

If you work within the agricultural sector, it is needless to say you love nature and the environment! Within our own sites, we try to achieve a proper adjustment in the area. We work with natural and native vegetation as much as possible. The alder plays an essential role in the separation of the plots.

In summer, this hedge acts as a natural windbreak for our crops. In winter it is ideal as a wintering place for “natural enemies” (Click on the link for a brief overview of natural enemies). Several Orius- species and parasitic wasps (see main picture) can overwinter well because of the open structure of the bark. Especially in the spring, these “guests” are highly welcome. They fight in a natural way aphids and thrips, which may affect the crops.

Location De Leeuwerik

On our location – De Leeuwerik, which was built in 2015 – we even have a greater respect for nature and the environment. Below mentioned some points:

  • Together with natural association Mark en Leij we have worked on a planting design for the De Leeuwerik in 2016.
  •  On the south side of the plot we have chosen a wide strip planted with native shrubs.
  • The fences are adjusted on this side with their environment (timber).



  • At De Leeuwerik áll the drainwater is collected and recycled. This is more than legally established. For this purpose we’ve constructed a slow sand filter, which ensures that the recycled water is completely free of germs.
  • For growing raspberries in pots (so called long canes) we have chosen a slow-acting fertilizer.
  • In the greenhouse is chosen for groundheating. This has energy and environmental advantages.
  • The heat released from our cooling system is used again to heat the office and canteen.
  • Just like at the other locations, we have also placed a falcon cabinet at De Leeuwerik.


Every year we get a visit from family “Van der Valk” (location Rimpelaar).