About us

We are specialized in the cultivation of strawberries and raspberries starting material. This varies from strawberry cuttings up to tray plants and raspberries from misted tips to longcanes.

Locations Van der Avoird Trayplant

Avoird Trayplant De Leeuwerik in Bavel (mainlocation)

In spring 2014, we began with the construction of the first tray fields – in total nearly 19 hectares – for longcanes in Bavel. The first 8 fields have already been put into use. In April 2015, we started the construction of the new glasshouse of 20,000 m2, warehouse, cold storage and office.


Air photo v.d. Avoird Trayplant Leeuwerik

Avoird Trayplant Rimpelaar in Molenschot

The company v.d. Avoird Trayplant consists of multiple locations. The location on the Rimpelaar in Molenschot consists of 3.4 ha tray field and 5,000 m2 glasshouse. At the tray fields we grow strawberry tray plants. In the greenhouse we cut raspberry tips from the mothermaterial rootblocks. After a period of cutting raspberries, mainly strawberry tray plants are cultivated.

Avoird Trayplant Schoolstraat in Molenschot

At the Schoolstraat in Molenschot – just under 2 ha glasshouse – mainly raspberry cuttings are produced. This glasshouse is also used for cultivating mothermaterial for strawberries which will be cut later. There is also an aphid-free tunnel. This is for the propagation of 1st generation raspberry mothermaterial. As well as at the Rimpelaar, this greenhouse is filled with strawberry trayplants after the cutting period of raspberries. In addition to the glasshouse there is also 5000 m2 tray field for the cultivation of raspberry mothermaterial.

Avoird Trayplant Bavelseweg in Molenschot

Two sites are located along the Bavelseweg: one plot of 5.6 ha and one plot of 28,000 m2. These two plots are used for growing raspberry long canes. In total 8,4 ha. Of course there is also a testing ground. This is also at the Bavelseweg and is 2,000 m2.